Brandywine Business Advisory enables their clients to rapidly grow their revenue in the U.S. market by executing appropriate tactical plans, and the development of a scalable sales and marketing engine in the U.S. that will ensure sustainable growth. Our services are tailor designed to meet each client’s specific needs and goals using a multi-step methodology, which includes a quarterly business review at the client’s off shore site.

1) Target Market

  1. Determine U.S. Market Size for client’s service offering
  2. Identify Target market
  3. Develop qualified list of prospects

2) Advertising and Messaging

  1. Determine Company’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and Competitive Advantage
  2. Fine tune messaging to targeted clients including aligning website to the need of the US market.
  3. Determine media that will be used to reach target market

3) Lead Generation and Conversation

  1. Execute lead capture and lead nurturing systems
  2. Actively support conversion strategy and close new business with client’s sales/account management team.

4) Sales Office and Staffing

  1. Develop Physical and Organizational Structure Plan
  2. Physical Office
  3. Virtual Office
  4. Recruit appropriate sales personnel
  5. U.S. Based Sales Person(s) (Full-time vs. Part-time vs. Pooled/Outsourced)
  6. U.S. Based Account Management (Full-time vs. Part-time vs. Partnership)

5) Exclusive Sales Arm in the US

  1. An extension of Client Company responsible for all marketing and sales in the US
  2. A Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model as per client’s requirements